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      Welcome to Tonghe Textile Machinery Manufacture official web!

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      Introduction Current position: Home About Tonghe Introduction

      Established in 1999, located in Qishuyan Economic Development Zone of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Tonghe Textile Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise and has convenient transportation, which is only 2 kilometers from Hu Ning Super Highway Hengshan exit. Tonghe Company is a standing director of China Textile Machinery & Accessories Industry Association and China Cotton Textile Industry Association. There are 1,000 employees in our company, 50 of whom have senior academic title, 150 of whom have middle academic title and over 300 of whom have received college degree or above. Tonghe Company occupies a total area of 300,000 square meters, and modern factory building is 200,000 square meters.

      The company mainly focuses on textile machinery’s researching, developing, producing and selling. Its main products are cotton roving frames, cotton spinning frames, wool spinning frames, auto-doffing transformation for cotton spinning frames, non-mechanical wave rollers for cotton, wool, ramie, roving, spinning, combing, drawing and twisting, high-performance pendulum arms and new type compact spinning instruments. Our company is one of the main drafters of roller, pendulum arm and compact spinning industrial standard. The company is also one of the participant drafters of cotton roving frame, compact spinning frame, wool compact spinning frame and auto-doffing roving frame industrial standard.


      tonghe Company positively carries out “Five Innovation”: idea innovation, concept innovation, thinking innovation, consciousness innovation and action innovation and takes scientific and technical innovation as its principal task. Only technical innovation can change the world, create future and turn “made in Tonghe” into “create in Tonghe”. Tonghe Company insists: there exists bankrupt enterprise, but there is no bankrupt industry. The company sets up the creation award fund for employees. It takes out 3% of enterprise’s gross sales to carry out evaluating projects and awarding bonus every month, in order to inspire whole employees’ creation potential. The company prepares 5% of gross sales in budget as developing and researching funds for new products. “Success belongs to individual, Failure belongs to company”. Company supports every creation activity, permits failure and innumerable testing. Our company supports all kinds of scientific researches and innovative activities. The company attaches great importance to university-industry collaboration and build close partnership with scientific research institutions, such as Donghua University, Jiangnan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiangsu University etc. and achieves breakthrough progress in textile machinery and accessories field. Besides, our company builds powerful tightly-knit industrialization alliance with domestic famous textile companies such as Anhui Huamao Textile Co., Ltd., Shandong Lutai Textile Co., Ltd., Nantong Dasheng Textile Group, Wuxi First Textile Factory etc. and surpasses development to seize technique commanding height of the world.

      Tonghe Company always sets world-famous textile machinery companies as example and create new products with “new point, bright point, characteristics, selling point” to persistently create value and raise competitiveness for customers. The company has realized the ambitious goal of “Establish leading position in the country and catch up with and surpass world advanced level”, which is set up when company starts. 

      In 2001, Tonghe Company launched “high-precision non-mechanical wave roller”.

      In 2002, we developed “super high-precision non-mechanical wave roller”

      In 2003, Tonghe launched new generation super high-precision non-mechanical wave roller and published serial article “TONGHE ROLLER MATCHES TO INTERNATIONAL ONES”, announcing to offer 168 customers one front line of New Generation Super High-precision Non-mechanical Wave Rollers to compare with the international ones, and undertook returning and replacement if without reaching the quality standard of known roller in the world, that got wide attention and welcome. Up to now we have sold 50,000,000 rollers. The annual output reaches over 5,000,000 rollers and the market share reaches 70%. The output, quality and variety rank No. 1 in the world.

      In 2004, Tonghe Company developed the high-performance helix spring pendulum arm for spinning and roving frames successfully, forming the annual production capacity of 3 million sets pendulum arms.

      In 2005,we developed leaf spring pendulum arms for roving and spinning frames, which dominate domestic and overseas market, break monopoly of overseas products and thus end our country’s dependence on foreign leaf spring pendulum arms. Up to now we have sold 18,000,000 sets and the market share reaches 40%. The output, quality and variety rank No. 1 in the world.

      In 2006, compact spinning instrument went into operation and successively developed first generation, second generation and new second generation four-roller negative pressure compact spinning products based on four invention patents in 2000. Our compact spinning products have 25 invention patents and utility model patents. The above products are exported to Japan, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. and are well received by customers at home and abroad.

      In 2007, the company developed Tonghe third generation mesh-roller negative pressure compact spinning instrument and sold in a large scale. Tonghe is the only manufacturer in China. Up to now we have sold 7,000,000 spindles around the world and the market share reaches 50%. The output, quality and variety rank No. 1 in the world.

      From 2008, Tonghe Company set about developing and researching cotton roving frame, cotton spinning frame, wool spinning frame, auto-doffing transformation of cotton spinning frame, compact spinning transformation of cotton and wool spinning frame.

      On 21st February 2013, China Textile Industry League authorized China Textile Machinery and Equipment Industry Association to hold “Appraising Meeting for Scientific and Technological Achievements of Tonghe TH518J Auto-doffing Compact Spinning Frame”. The following leaders attended the meeting: Gao Yong, vice president of China Textile Industry League, Wang Shutian, president of China Textile Machinery and Equipment Industry Association, Zhu Beina, president of China Cotton Spinning Guild, Xie Ming, Jiangsu Textile Textile Industry Association and so on. The certifying commission (director: Yao Mu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, vice director: Zhu Beina, president of China Cotton Spinning Guild) agreed that Tonghe TH578J auto-doffing compact spinning frame has good self-independent innovation and integration innovation. Its basic technical performance index has reached international advanced level and could replace the import products.

       Tonghe main frames have “Advantages of Four in One”:

      New Generation Non-mechanical Wave Roller

      New Leaf Spring Pendulum Arm

      New Second Generation Compact Spinning Instrument

      New Principle Structure Main Frame

      Eight Characteristics
      More reasonable design
      Higher efficiency
      More energy-saving electricity utilization
      More elegant appearance
      More intelligent operation
       More steady quality
      More convenient maintenance
      More time-saving installation

      Annual production capacity
        200,000 spindle cotton roving frames
        3,000,000 spindle cotton spinning frames
        150,000 spindle wool spinning frames
        1,500,000 spindle auto-doffing transformation of cotton spinning frames
        2,000,000 spindle compact spinning transformation of cotton and wool spinning frames

      Tonghe main frame is now concentrating advantageous resources and wisdom, with the design philosophy of “high standard orientation, high standard design, high standard configuration, high standard manufacture, high standard assembly and high standard customer” to produce a whole set of advanced numerical control main frame equipment of switching of roving and spinning.

      Now Tonghe products are popular in more than 20 countries around the world and over 6000 customers, such as: Anhui Huamao Textile Co., Ltd., Wuxi No.1 Spinning Plant, Nantong Dasheng Textile Group Co., Ltd., China Huafang Group, Lutai Textile Co., Ltd., Shandong Weiqiao Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Textile League Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Ruyi Technology Group, Dezhou Hengfeng Textile Co., Ltd., Henan Wugang Yinlong Textile Group, Henan Xinyan Textile Co., Ltd.,Henan Xvchang Yvfeng Textile Co., Ltd., Henan Yong’an Textile Co., Ltd., Jiaozuo Haihua Textile Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Changshan Co., Ltd., Hebei Fuli Textile Co., Ltd., Jihua Sanwulingjiu Textile Co., Ltd., Hunan Dongxin Group, Hongkong Yida Group, Xinjiang Younger Cotton Spinning Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Bailong Dongfang Co., Ltd., Switzerland Rieter, Toyota, Trutzschler Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Italy Marzoli, France NSC Co., Ltd. etc.    

      To realize the vision of “scientific Tonghe, world Tonghe and centennial Tonghe”, Tonghe Company has to accomplish “Four Kindness”:

      Be kind to customers and create value for customers forever;

      Be kind to suppliers and get along well and do good business with them;

      Be kind to employees and help them succeed;

      Be kind to oneself and family members and get achievement.

      Tonghe Company sets Apple Inc. as model-innovation changes the world. We insist on developing and researching new products ahead of customers’ need, constantly discovering market, creating market, guiding market and finally become the leading company in national textile industry.

      Excellent captain and outstanding team

      As China Textile Exploit Entrepreneur, Director of boarding and General Manager, Mr. Cui Guisheng thinks that a great company undoubtedly has abundant cultural deposits and company culture must be original, unique and perfectly appropriate. Mr. Cui Guisheng has combined the outstanding administration idea and working style for staying in army many years and scientific administration of modern enterprise, forming the unique Tonghe Company culture. Tonghe Company culture includes “Six Good”: a good idea, a good thought, a good atmosphere, a good practice, a good habit and a good cultivation. Everyone finish their things well constantly.

      In Tonghe Company, the character is to implement the semi-military management, as a required course,  the ranking of everyday morning can enforce employees’ strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, team consciousness and deepened quality conception. The company focuses on fostering employees’ host-responsibility, respects them adequately and exerts their go-aheadism, enthusiasm and creation, supplying opportunities of expressing literary or artistic talent for everyone.

      The company absorbed the world-advanced administration experiences, forming the perfect system of organization administration, adopting the general manager’s responsibility system under the authorization of Board of Directorate. The company sets Admin. & Personnel Dept., Finance Dept., Marketing Dept., Technology Service Dept., Purchasing Dept., Logistics Dept., Equipment Dept., Calibration Dept., Quality Dept., Planning Dept., Technique Center, Roller Business Division, Pendulum Arm Business Division, Compact Spinning Instrument Business Division and Main Frame Business Division. Every department has built perfect management system to realize self-management and circular flow.

      “No rules, no standards”. Tonghe Company regards rules and regulations as constitution and vigorously promotes constitution construction based on the moral idea of “Ten Love, Ten Say” from the beginning. Tonghe’s constitution is the “Administrative Law”, “Product Quality Law”, “Product Sales Price Law”, “Product Purchasing Law”, “Checking and sorting Law of Goods and Materials” and “Power Grid Mechanism”. The construction of constitution makes employees have rules and regulations to follow.

      “Be responsible when holding a post and accountability is needed when dereliction of duty happens”. Administration & Personnel Department would check and assess at regular intervals and let every Tonghe employee accomplish “five responsibility points”:

      Be Responsible for President.

      Be Responsible for Company’s Benefits.

      Be Responsible for Company’s credit standing.

      Be Responsible for Society.

      Be Responsible for Individual behavior.”

      “Talents can boom a company”. Tonghe Company formulates long-range planning to cultivate, train and select talents and sets up expansive career development platform for excellent talents tomake every Tonghe people own wide developing space and promising future.

      Tonghe carries out diversified talents training strategy, based on self-training of each department and training to certain department and vise versa. This can inherit and develop company’s vision, strategy, culture, constitution, idea, management theory and experience by giving lessons, spot demonstrating, self-studying etc.

      Tonghe people think that “great people do great things and achieve great career; mature people do mature things and achieve successful life”. The standards for Tonghe excellent employees are: mature thought, mature mentality, mature character, mature psychological quality and responsibility-undertaking.

      By exellent captain’s lead, Tonghe people are unafraid of any difficulties, and they make arduous efforts.Tonghe Company’s rapid development gets recognition and support of governments, guild and customers and are conferred:

      Certificate of Technology Innovation Fund for Science and Technology Enterprise,

      ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System Authentication,

      National Pivotal New product Certificate,

      Authentication Certificate of Jiangsu New Hi-tech Product,

      Authentication Certificate of National Torch Plan New Hi-tech Enterprise,

      Authentication Certificate of Jiangsu New Hi-tech Enterprise,

      Authentication Certificate of Jiangsu Torch Project etc.

      Certificate of Jiangsu Textile Technology Creation Award,

      Certificate of Jiangsu Famous Trade Mark,

      Certificate of Changzhou Cognizance Enterprise Technology Center.

      From 2004 to nowadays, Tonghe Company is chosen as “The Most Filled with Development Potential” by American Forbes Magazine for sevaral years 

      Exactitude manufacturing, Fine administration

      In order to become world brand and realize Tonghe’s great vision, the company spend 500 million RMB to export world top-ranking high-end complete equipment for precision numerically-controlled dedicated processing from Switzerland, Germany, USA, Japan etc. The complete equipment of processing equipment for rollers, pendulum arms, compact spinning instrument and main frames includes automatic heat treatment equipment, automatic surface treatment assembly line, automatic metal plate equipment, automatic production line for main frames’ large piece, automatic final assembly and part assembly production line, etc. Advanced precision equipment could guarantee consistency, stability and reliability of product quality.  

      Quality is one of the important core competitiveness of Tomghe Company. Only quality can realize centennial Tonghe and improve life quality. Tonghe Company takes quality as natural law and emphasizes details in production quality management and do as the following “twelve fixes, twelve cleans”:

      Twelve fixes: time, personnel, working procedure, equipment, measuring implement, quota, unit price, shift, test, leader, hygiene zone, fixation management 

      Twelve cleans: clear equipment, clear measuring implement, clear hygiene zone, collect drawings well, record work ticket well, arrange qualified products well, arrange re-processed products well, deal with waste products well, mark material-clearing area well, arrange shift exchange well, eliminate equipment failure, distinguish products well.  

      The company is serious to train the employees. For instance, in order to decrease the damage the products during processing, installation and debugging, Tonghe Company requires them to practice of taking and putting down eggs before working formally, i.e. the employee doesn’t go to work unless he can take and put eggs carefully. As to the Q.C. inspectors, we require them to obey “first looking, second touching, third measuring, forth hearing, fifth asking, sixth recording” during the entire inspection course; and to foster good habits of “treating everything seriously, looking for things to do when having nothing to do. We assure that qualified rate of final inspection reaches 100%, that qualified rate of customer inspection reaches 100%, and that qualified rate of trial operation reaches 100%. We also guarantee “no complaints, no claims and no services”.

      Tonghe people insist on “four prepares”: our technicians are always preparing to innovate; our middle and high managers are always preparing to reduce cost and save expense; our administrative staffs are always preparing to act.


      Tonghe Company seriously promises to customers:

      New Generation Super High-Precision Non-mechanical Wave Roller: rate of non-mechanical wave is more than 98%, rate of non-mechanical wave (flat wave range) in random check reaches 98% or more, maximum volume not exceed 2mm.

      New Pendulum Arm:

       Our pendulum arms are made from world-famous steel material and first-rate craft to ensure that the leaf spring could be kept steady, reliable and not deformed after 20n years’ use. The stress decreases by less than 2% after 10 million times fatigue tests. The 26mm front-middle-rear wide grasp instrument could ensure depth of parallelism between top and bottom roller and no adjustment is needed. Three-way depth of parallelism is controlled within 0.1mm.

      New high-capability compact spinning instruments: compared with the normal ring spinning in the same condition, yarn hairiness can be decreased by more than 70%, and yarn strength can be increased by more than 10%; the key spare parts are high grade ones exported from abroad; devices run steadily, reliably, consistently with low maintaining charges and long service life.

      Auto-doffing spinning frame with compact spinning instrument:

      Its speed is up to 25000r/m; it can save 10% energy than ring spinning frame does and reduces failure rate by 20%; the doffing time of 1008-spindle is 210s, rate of tube-grasping reaches 100%, rate of intubation 100%, breaking yarn rate is less than 1%, breaking yarn is less than 10 every hour for 1000-spingdle and rate of intubation of auto tube-sorting box reaches 100%.    

      Auto-doffing roving frame:

      The highest speed can reach 1700r/m and save 10% energy. The noise is equal to or less than 80dB, rate of tube-grasping reaches 100%, rate of intubation 100%, auto yarn-collection reaches over 98%, doffing period is 210s and successful doffing rate reaches 100%.

      With New Generation Super High-Precision Non-mechanical Wave Roller, high precision, high capability leaf-spring arms and high-performance compact spinning instrument matched with Tonghe  high-quality main frames, ordinary categories all meet the 5% level of 2013 Uster communiqué.

      Tonghe Company grandly introduces the switching unit of roving and spinning and adopts whole numerically-controlled set of high-grade, high-speed, high-efficient and energy-saving equipment, which can be more labor-saving, time-saving and more economical and occupy less floor area and help promote textile companies run into new auto-industrialization times.

      Tonghe Company is always famous for its all the way technical service concept. “Tchnical service action” every year could well ensure that our customers could use Tonghe products satisfactorily. If customers meet with problems in use, we would solve quickly, decidedly, exactly, thoroughly and satisfactorily. We insist on tracking, servicing and being responsible for life without future fear.

      Surmounting oneself     Improving continualLy

      Tonghe people’s belief: devoted to let people put on healthier, more fashionable and more civilized clothes.

      Tonghe people’s faith: to become the most excellent textile machinery manufacture supplier around the world.

      Tonghe people’s dream: let all textile mills around the world use Tonghe products.

      Tonghe employees bear “6 unremitting points” in their mind:

      “Our Technology Should Be created endlessly.

         Our System Should Be Perfected Continuously.

         Our Administration Should Be Intensified Constantly. 

         Our Quality Should Be Improved continuously.

         Our Staff Should Be trained continually.

         Our Assets Should Be increased ceaselessly.”

      Tonghe Company would be firmly focused on textile and textile machinery. We would concentrate on only one industry: textile in one hundred years. Choosing Tonghe is choosing safety, success and future.

      Tonghe Company believes:

      Under the care and support of governments at all levels and association leaders, with customers’ trust and great kindness, Tonghe Company would create a promising future to realize Tonghe vision and make a powerful textile nation.

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