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Tonghe managing idea:

  1. discovering market constantly, creating market continuously, leading market continuously
  2. give commitment to you, leave credit to me
  3. tnere exists bankrupt company, no bankrupt industry 

“Six constant” of Tonghe products:

  1. constant innovation
  2. constant experiment
  3. constant modification
  4. constant optimizing
  5. constant improvement
  6. constant strengthening 

“Eight characteristics” of Tonghe products:

  1. more reasonable design
  2. more elegant appearance
  3. more rapid installation
  4. more simple and direct operation
  5. more convenient maintenance
  6. more energetic-saving
  7. more steady quality
  8. more rapid service

“Five in one” advantage of Tonghe products:

New-generation roller, new-type leaf-spring pendulum arm, new second generation compact spinning instrument, new main frame principle, new main frame structure

 Transformation and upgrading of Tonghe products—five lesses, three improves

“Five lesses”: less equipment, less procedures, less employees, less electric use, less land occupation
“Three improves”: improve quality, improve efficiency, improve benefit

Manufacture idea

Precision manufactured, precision management, no defect

 Quality idea

Three 100%: 100% packaging pass, 100% unpacking pass, 100% starting up pass
Three zero: zero complaint, zero service, zero claim
Policy: see, touch, measure, listen, ask, remember

 Technical service idea

  Four lifelong: lifelong track, lifelong service, lifelong upgrade, lifelong responsibility
  Service policy: quick, decisive, accurate, thorough, satisfying